The staff of Ross County Christian Academy brings a wealth of experience and training to the school.

Valerie Jones

Head of Schools

Jenny Beverly

Preschool Director

Renee Wisecup

Primary Principal

Lindsay Ramey

Intermediate Principal

Jarod Lloyd

High School Principal

Gregg Wright

Scholarship Director

Mike McCarter

RCCA Co-Founder and CFO

Vanessa Dyke

Lead Preschool Teacher

Stephanie DuQue

Lead Preschool Teacher

Heidi Hall

Lead Preschool Teacher

Marsha Moore

Lead Preschool Teacher / After-care Director

Melissa Patrick

Lead Preschool Teacher

Tiffany Ward

Lead Preschool Teacher

Dawn Furner

Preschool Aide

Aubrey Rose

Preschool Aide

Alice Ingram

Preschool Aide

Heather Evans

Preschool Aide

Rhonda Bechie

Preschool Aide

Hannah Bevan

Preschool Aide

Jaylin Jude

Preschool Aide

Ciara Hines

Preschool Aide

Hailey Jordan


Hillary Fannin


McKenna Hutchison

Before Care Aide

Kim Batty


Jen Rose


Amber Brown

1st Grade

Jessy Keeton

1st Grade

Cynthia King

1st Grade

Kayla Black

2nd Grade

Jessica Jones

2nd grade

Nicole Flora

3rd Grade

Hannah McDowell

3rd Grade

Tracy Hatfield

Physical Education

Ashton Smith


Susan Pierce

Classroom Aide

Nichole Jackson

Classroom Aide

Allison Weaver


Jeff Lyons

Custodian-Primary Campus

Paul Steinbrook

Security-Primary Campus

Rachel Elliott

Guidance Counselor

Jon Anderson

Social Studies

Lynette Brown


Jaiann Dyke


Kara Mathews


Tessa Bell

English/Language Arts

Caitlyn McKell

English/Language Arts

Melissa McMahon

Reading/Social Studies

Cindy Martin

Intervention Specialist

Noelle McCoy


Brandon Burton


Penny Blankenship

Intervention Specialist

Jessica Cortellesi


William Francis


Tami Hacker


Adam Hill

Social Studies

Roy Kelly

Education Lab Director

Dennis Ray


Goals & Objectives

1. Ross County Christian Academy shall endeavor to ensure that every student comes to an understanding of basic Christian beliefs and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Ross County Christian Academy shall be committed to academic preparation from a Christian worldview. Biblical truth shall be incorporated in the academic preparation for each student enrolled at Ross County Christian Academy.

3. RCCA shall seek, and seek to maintain, accreditation of its elementary and secondary programs and facilities...

Our Curriculum

Students participate in daily devotionals at the start of each day and weekly chapel programs, which feature pastors from area churches.

Classes include: Bible, Social Studies, and Science with materials published by Bob Jones University Press. The Math curriculum is published by Singapore Mathematics, the Reading, Language Arts curriculum is published by Scott Foresman / Pearson, and the Handwriting curriculum is published by Zaner-Bloser.

Students participate in weekly classes in Art, Vocal and Instrumental Music, STEM, Spanish, Physical Education, Computer and Keyboarding, and Drama.

Registration Info

RCCA is the only Christian, non-denominational, teacher-led school in the Ross County area. Our goal is to grow children in mind, body, and spirit. We utilize the best of traditional teaching styles combined with flexible groupings and multi-age instruction. We emphasize the development of Christian character and love for America, in a strong academic curriculum.

RCCA has classes for children from pre-school through 12th grade, for the 2019-20 school year. Open enrollment begins the first of March and continues until the classes are full. Class size is limited.

All employees, teaching, non-teaching, and substitutes must pass both BCI and FBI Background Checks. Volunteers who interact with students on a regular basis are also subject to these background checks. Enrollment as of Sept. 1, 2018 is 371.

The Ross County Christian Academy recruits and admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all its rights, privileges, programs and activities. In addition, the school will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs and athletics/extracurricular activities. Furthermore, the school is not intended to be an alternative to court or administrative agency ordered, or public school initiated desegregation. The Ross County Christian Academy will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the hiring of its certified or non-certified personnel.